The idea

More communication, more happiness

I will be absolutely honest. I was bugged out. It happens so many times, that I am selling one of my paintings without any personal contact. And it is all about the money, everywhere and always. At least the horrible bumf.

I senden out the with to have a real alternative. More creativity and happiness. More humanity and trust. More fun and communication.

I asked myself: "What if I barter my paintings instead of selling them?"

Just thinking of this idea opened my heart and filled it with happiness.

Sooooo.... lets do it.


Art from heart

to heart.

-Susanne Weber-

 Let´s Barter!


How it works

Be creative, be personal

Each artwork on my page you can barter instead of buying it. 


Let´s imagine you are taking a look on my page and... here it is! The painting you always wanted. You fall in love deeply;-)

What´s next?!

You write me an email to with one of the following content:

Dear Susanne,...


1. ...I want to barter your painting!

My idea is...

for example..

- I will bake a delicious cake each month (for 5 months) and I will send it to you.

- I am able to give you a great Coaching with the price of... and I will give it to you as an exchange.

- I am living in Barcelona please visit me.I will offer you a free flight, my home to stay and we will eat together. I will be your Gide for holiday. Take the painting with you as you come!

...I am sure you have much more ideas!...

I will answer you mail and if I like your idea, we barter the painting! 


2. ...I wanna pay half of the price and barter the other half. 

(This is possible until the end of 2017. )

This means that you will pay half of the Price or 1/3 of it to my account an the barter the rest because you have a great idea.  I am looking forward to the possibilities of exchange.

3. ...I wanna buy your painting!

(This is possible until the end of 2017.)


What happens next

We stay in contact!

As soon as the painting reached your home I would be happy to receiver a message with a picture of it in your favourite place...

maybe it is you on the picture too.


Because each Painting has its own story and this story is now integrating you.

So let´s tell this story!

I wanna know why you fell in love with this painting...

 Why you choosed and what you like about Let´s Barter!

How you got the special idea that we bartered now...

How it is changing your home...

And I will show my happiness about our exchange as well.


There will be some parties that you are invited now, so that we can stay in contact.

You see....Let´s Barter! is much more than a usual  purchase, with a money exchange on our accounts. It is an interessting story which I wanna publish on my blog and in other social media.



We share:-)

Especially in these times it is important to talk about the use of the copyright. 

This is my offer:

With every barter or buy of one of my artworks you accept the following terms:

- It is ok for me, Susanne Weber, to use the fotos of the artworks for promotion on each platform and in each media and medium that I want.

- It is allowed for me, Susanne Weber to do prints of pictures of the artwork and to barter or sell them. 

- It is allowed for me, Susanne Weber to take the pictures that are made in combination with our barter, and which you are sending me, and to use them in my blog and on all platforms or Media ich want to.  

Stand: 13.04.2017

Thank you!

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