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14 Tage Emotions Challenge

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Herzlich Willkommen zu Tag 0!

Die nächsten 14 Tage werden sehr transformativ werden. Du hast Dich dazu entschieden und es Dir erlaubt, Dich auf diese Herausforderung einzulassen und über Dich hinaus zu wachsen. 

Du hast in Dich selbst investiert und somit Deinem Unterbewusstsein gezeigt, dass es Dir ernst ist. Du bist bereit mit Deinen Emotionen zu arbeiten und sie loszulassen um die beste Version Deiner Selbst zu werden.

Als Lifecoach Doreen Kuhne und ich, Next-Level Coach Susanne Weber, haben diese Challenge und dabei nur ein Ziel im Blick gehabt: Dir zu helfen, die besten Ergebnisse zu erreichen UND das mit Freude und Leichtigkeit!


Hier ein kurzer Überblick über die Basics:

START Tag & Uhrzeit

Die Challenge startet am Donnerstag at

So it's important to understand how this challenge works so you can make the most out of our short time together. 

The Lab

The Lab is your Hair Growth Lab product library. Any products you've purchased will be shown here. This includes the challenge video missions, the Better Hair Community and any other products you've acquired as part of your membership with Hair Growth Lab.


Starting Date & Time

The challenge officially starts on Sunday at 7pm CEST. That's when Mission #1 becomes available for you and everyone else who joined during the same registration period as you. We'll send you an email notification when a mission is available for you so you don't miss them. If you ever fall behind, don't worry! You'll have access to all video material and all guides forever so you can catch up at your own pace.


Levelling up

As your hair care knowledge increases you'll be upgraded into higher-level communities where you'll be sharing your progress and be alongside other participants on the same mission. Here are the levels you'll be completing over the coming days:


Better Hair Community: Welcome

This is the calm before the storm. As soon as you join, you'll become part of our welcome community. This is the place where you can mingle with other participants who'll start the challenge at the same time as you. This is a great place to meet new people, help each other out in preparing for the challenge.



When the challenge starts on Sunday, you'll unlock the first phase and a new community called Basecamp. This is where you'll post missions 1- 5 along with all the other participants in the same phase. 


The Ascent

This is when you start climbing up higher and higher towards your hair goals. This phase includes missions 6 - 9. To unlock this phase, you must complete mission 1 - 5 before you can advance to the final phase.


The Summit

This is the last mile of the challenge. When you complete Mission 6 - 9, you'll unlock the final phase which includes Missions 10 - 14 and a new community called The Summit.


After the challenge is completed, the communities will be archived and cleared out to make room for the next group!  


Support and Questions

Inside of each community, you'll meet our amazing Student Success Team. We've be checking to make sure everyone is having a great time!

If you have a question which you'd like to have answered as quickly as possible, please make sure to visit the Frequently Asked Questions Box. You'll find it at the end of the description box for each mission. 

If your question doesn't appear in the FAQs, simply leave your questions in the comments and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Please avoid sending your messages to the Hair Growth Lab social accounts as they may get lost! 🙈


The Better Hair Community is for sharing mission accomplishments, personal hair stories and celebrations of participants' results. So it's best to keep the questions on the videos, and use the community to connect and share :) 



I've added subtitles for all you amazing girls around the world! Right now, they are available in 6 languages (🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇨🇳 🇦🇪 🇲🇾 🇻🇳)  and we're continuously adding more. To enable them, just click the CC button in the video play bar and select your preferred language. Check out the gif below for a little visual tutorial ⬇



Day 0 Preparation

After watching this video, please make sure to download the 14-Day Challenge Workbook and complete the preparation exercises on pages 15-22. The workbook download link can be found below ⬇️ this video on mobile, or to your right on desktop! ➡️

As part of the challenge, you will be making your own luxury shampoo on Day 11. This will require you to go shopping for a few special but easily accessible ingredients. We've designed the challenge in a way that you won't need any of these items until week 2. So even if you joined last minute you should still have enough time to source everything :)

Click here to see the full shopping list. 

Alright, let's complete those preparation missions! See you on Day 1! 

If you keep up to date with the challenge for the entire 14 days, you'll go into the draw to win a full-ride scholarship into Hair Growth Lab after the challenge is over. So keep up the momentum and don't give up! Click here to read more, and good luck! 🌿 

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